Check-in Express

Let patients check-in and hold their place in line at your ED or urgent care facility

How It Works

Step 1

Patients hold a place in line by picking a time slot through your website

Step 2

Your staff are alerted to inbound patients and are better prepared for their arrival

Step 3

Patients experience a shorter length of stay and higher satisfaction

Check-in Express Delivers Tangible Results

Attract New Patients


Attract New Patients

70% of patients using online check-in represented new customers at a Texas-based ER

Load Balance Patient Flow


Load Balance Patient Flow

28% of patients using online check-in selected a time slot between 10 am to 12 pm at an Illinois-based health system's seven urgent care locations, which shifted census and eased the early morning surge

Increase Patient Satisfaction


Increase Patient Satisfaction

95% of patients who used the service said they would recommend it to friends and family

Drive Market Share


Drive Market Share

30% of patients surveyed said that online check-in influenced which health system they chose

Our Clients Love Check-in Express

1 in 8

of our patients check in through Check-in Express

“The Check-in Express tool on our website has been very effective for CareWell in improving efficiency and driving volume. One in eight patients comes to our urgent care centers through the ER Express tool and a patient who checked in online is probably a customer we would not have without it.”

- Shaun Ginter, MBA, FACHE President & CEO CareWell Urgent Care

within 24 hours

of going live patients began utilizing online check-in

“ER Express worked with us to customize the solution to fit our brand and patients started using online check-in within 24 hours of the go-live.”

- Kristyn Eldridge Marketing Team Leader First Choice ER


are new patients

"[A quarter are new patients, and those tech-savvy customers]...are generally more likely to have credit cards and good insurance [than others]...It's been nothing but a benefit."

- Dr. Steve Edelstein Assistant ER Director Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital

What You Get From Us

Custom Integration into Your Website and Mobile App

  • White-labeled check-in widget displays next available times for each of your locations
  • HIPAA-compliant, mobile-responsive reservation form is easy for patients to complete, and our software scans the chief complaint for high-acuity symptoms for patient safety
  • Patients stay on your website from beginning to end, meaning they interact with the brand they trust -- your health system -- rather than get redirected to a 3rd party sites

An Implementation Tailored to Your Workflow

  • Includes default settings and on-the-fly functions to manage open time slots based on typical and real-time census and wait times
  • Custom workflow designed for your ED layout including pending arrival alerts in any combination of phone/fax/email/text plus flagging of potential 30-day readmits
  • Our team of ED clinicians, all of whom use our product in their facilities, will deliver onsite in-service training for your staff, including customized FAQs and how-to-guides

Marketing Package to Drive Utilization

  • Our team of graphic artists will custom design crisp, catchy promotional anchor buttons and digital collateral for your website
  • Organic and paid search campaigns to promote patient awareness on web search engines
  • Our team of graphic artists will custom design lobby posters, rack cards, and more to help you promote the service to your patients

Providers of All Sizes Enjoy Success with Check-in Express

Patients are happier waiting in their living room than in your waiting room

"I LOVE the ER Express service. I really and thoroughly appreciate what you have done. The time frame was great. If we didn't have an appointment, we would have waited a long time, especially on a Sunday morning. I LOVED IT."

"The wait times used to be my main complaint, but now this service (ER Express) makes it better. I wish that I had known about it before. It was great."

“The fastest experience. We would have gone to another [clinic] if it were not for ER Express. All-around great experience.”

We Make It Easier for You and Your Patients

Seamless Experience; Never Redirect Patients to a Third-party Site

Flat Monthly Fee; No Set Up Costs; Always Free for Patients

Onsite Staff Training Delivered by Our Team of Practicing ED Clinicians

Do These Sound Familiar?

Innovative solutions to common challenges

Community Hospital ED is Almost Always Slammed Between 11AM-11PM

ED staff adjusted capacity settings to open up time slot in the early morning hours

50% of reservations were made by patients for early morning time slots, shifting low acuity volume to off-peak hours

Large Hospital Wants to Encourage More Use of Its Two Urgent Care Locations and De-congest Its ED

To encourage "comparison shopping", the health system displayed open time slots for the ED and urgent care locations side-by-side, which helped patients see that urgent care could offer faster care for less sick patients

70% of patients who checked in chose urgent care, which helped de-congest the ED

Hospital Wants to Attract the Tech-Savvy Demographic and Capture Market Share

The hospital promoted the convenience of its Check-in Express app via search engine marketing, billboard, and radio

64% of their monthly reservations came from a mobile device, and 50% of patients said they chose this ED over a neighboring hospital's because of online check-in

ED Wants to Improve Door-to-Bed Time

Check-in Express gave ED staff advance notice of patients' pending arrival, their chief complaint, and basic demographics

84% of all Check-in Express patients had door-to-bed times of 20 minutes or less

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an "appointment"?

No. Patients are simply sending advance notification, and getting to do some of their waiting at home.

Is there a guarantee that we will see them on arrival?

No. We will try to see patients as soon as possible, but we will still always prioritize the sickest patients first.

What if there are patients already in the waiting room?

The patient with a reservation will have been waiting just as long as those patients—but will have done her/ his waiting at home. And the sickest patients will still be seen first.

How do we control the system?

The system can be limited to allow only one reservation per hour, and only during certain hours. If it gets busier than normal, staff can dial down the availability of reservations at any time.

What if high-acuity patients use it?

The software has algorithms that read the chief complaint and block the patient from making a reservation if the symptoms meet certain criteria, such as chest pain.

What if we don't want to use the name ER Express (because we are an urgent care facility, prefer to use our own term for the system, etc.)?

We customize all patient-facing collateral, including our web widget and reservation form, to fit your branding requirements. You have complete flexibility in what you call the online check-in system and where you choose to reference ER Express, if at all.

Will our staff be capable of using the system on day one?

Yes, however, a soft launch is the best way to start using Check-in Express because it allows staff to get comfortable with the process and know that it is working. Clients often begin opening just one time slot an hour and giving it a few weeks before executing on any marketing efforts.

Is tracking and reporting included?

Real-time reports are included with the system and include metrics for volume of registrations and hourly breakdowns, new versus existing patients, capture rates (or conversion rates), mobile versus desktop users, and more.

What if we are always crowded during several hours every day?

Check-in Express works very effectively to shift loads to off-peak hours. Patients who prefer to wait at home are willing to select a time slot posted on your website if they know they will wait less and be seen sooner upon arrival. Clients typically set the system as walk-in only during typically crowded times of the day.

How does our staff get notification that a patient is coming?

Pending arrival alerts will appear in the backend dashboard that only your staff can see. In addition, and combination of telephone, fax, and other notifications will be set up for specific members of your staff based on your needs.

A more convenient experience that your patients and staff will love.